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Santa Barbara Unified School District

Item Title:Approval of Agreement with Sage Energy Consulting/Clean Coalition to perform a feasibility study for a potential Power Purchase Agreement. (Vizzolini)
Agenda Title:Approval of an Agreement with Sage Energy Consulting/Clean Coalition to Perform a Feasibility Study for a Potential District-Wide Installation of Solar Energy, Battery Storage, and Electricial Vehicle Charging Stations using a Power-Purchase Agreement (Matsuoka/Vizzolini)
Background:As a result of an RFP process to select a consulting firm to assist the district with a sustainable energy program, we are recommending the selection of the combined team of Sage Energy Consulting and The Clean Coalition.
Recommendation:That the Board Approve an Agreement with Sage Energy Consulting/Clean Coalition.
Resource Person:

Cary Matsuoka, Superintendent

Steve Vizzolini, Director of Facilities & Modernization

Fiscal Impact:$287,900
Funding Source:State Facility Grant Matching Fund

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