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Santa Barbara Unified School District

Item Title:Approval of Provisional Internship Permit (PIP) - Becchio
Agenda Title:Approval of Provisional Internship Permit (PIP) - Becchio

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) permits Districts to credential teachers using a Provisional Internship Permit (PIP). The PIP allows an employing agency to fill an immediate staffing need by hiring an individual who has not yet met the subject matter competence requirement needed to enter an intern program. Applicants must have a minimum of 18 semester units in the subject area or in the case of the multiple subject, the 18 units is spread across 4 areas. Special Education PIPs can meet either the requirements of the single subject, multiple subject or have served 3 years working with Special Education students. The Board is required to approve the Provisional Internship Permit as an action item before the CTC acts at one of their regularly scheduled meetings. 

Rachel Saragosa  has been hired as a teacher, visually impaired in our special education department replacing Mary Gaston who has retired. Ms. Saragosa has been the paraprofessional in Ms. Gaston’s class since October 2012 and thus, meets the requirements for the certification. She has a BA degree in Dramatic Art. She is currently pursuing a credential program which offers the Ed Specialist credential for the visually impaired. We are asking for approval to apply for a Provisional Internship Permit, Educational Specialist, Visually Impaired.


Kimberly Kono has been hired as a special education teacher at Dos Pueblos High School. She is currently enrolled in the special education credential program with Grand Canyon University. Kim has served the students of our District as a Special Education IBI since February 2017 and has a variety of tutoring, youth director and part-time teacher experience in Hawaii.
Recommendation:To approve the Provisional Internship Permit request for Rachel Saragosa and Kimberly Kono.
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John Becchio, Ed. D.

Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

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