Special Joint Board Meeting Agenda with

Goleta Union School District
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Information for the Public

Public Comments
Public comments are welcome. Speaker cards may be turned in at any time before an agenda item is called. When addressing the board, please use the microphone and state your name. Individual speakers are generally allowed three minutes to address the Board, however, the time may be reduced by the Board president. When a speaker wishes to comment on multiple items, his/her time may be limited so as not to interfere with the timely completion of the board's business, and in no event shall a speaker be allowed to speak to more than three items at a single meeting. The total time allowed for public comment on any one item is 20 minutes. The times may be altered depending upon the number of speakers. Speakers may not give time to other speakers. Written comments may also be submitted. Comments on conference and action agenda items are taken during consideration of the item. There is a separate opportunity at the opening of the meeting for public comments on the consent agenda, other listed agenda topics, and on other matters not on the agenda but under the jurisdiction of the board. Since items on the Consent Agenda are considered in a single board action, comments from a single speaker on multiple items on the Consent Agenda are limited to a total of three minutes. The board of education is not responsible for the content of statements made during public comment.

In compliance with the American Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in the meeting or need this agenda provided in a disability-related alternative format, please contact the Superintendent's Office at (805) 963-4338. Notification at least 48 hours prior to the meeting will assist the district to make suitable arrangements.

Check City TV Channel 18's website
www.citytv18.com to confirm the broadcast date and time of all board meetings. Regularly scheduled board meetings are generally broadcast at 5:00 p.m. on the Saturday following the meeting. Special board meetings are scheduled on a space-available basis so the date/time is subject to change.

Official Posting of Board Agendas and Agenda Attachments
The official copy of the board of education agenda is posted at the main entrance of the Administration Office, Santa Barbara Unified School District, 720 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. The agenda is posted 72 hours in advance of a regular board meeting. Agenda attachments are available for viewing in the Administration Office reception area or the Superintendent's Office before 5:00 p.m. on the Friday prior to a Tuesday board meeting. In the event of an emergency board meeting, the agenda is posted 24 hours in advance of an emergency meeting and the attachments are available for viewing in the Administration Office reception area.

The board of education meeting agendas are posted on the district's web site in accordance with the Brown Act. Every effort is made to upload the agenda attachments onto the website in a timely fashion.

A.Order of Business
1.Opening of Meeting
2.Pledge of Allegiance
3.Spanish translation of today's meeting is available to the public. Please indicate if you wish translation. Para la reunión de esta noche hay intérprete disponible para traducción al español. Por favor, indique si desea los servicios de interpretación.
4.Headsets for the hearing impaired are available. Please indicate if you need a headset.

5.Board Comments and Correspondence
6.Public Comments, Non-agenda Matters within Jurisdiction of the Board of Education
7.Statement of Purpose for Joint Meeting
H. Edward Heron, Santa Barbara Unified School District, President

Yvonne DeGraw, Goleta Union School District, President

Agenda Items: All items will be presentations. Please note that the Board Members may give staff direction on any of these items, but will not be taking any action.


B.Presentation Agenda
1. Gifted and Talented Education Program - Goleta Union School District15 Minutes
2. Gifted and Talented Education Program - Santa Barbara Unified School District15 Minutes
3. Mathematics - Santa Barbara Unified School District15 Minutes
4. Science - Santa Barbara Unified School District15 Minutes
5. Technology - Goleta Union School District15 Minutes
6. Technology - Santa Barbara Unified School District15 Minutes

C.Additional Matters for Placement on a Future Agenda
This is an opportunity for Board Members and Superintendent's to identify those matters of mutual interest for placement on an agenda for a future meeting.

D.Adjournment of Joint Meeting